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 Kingdom and Family Profile

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Kingdom and Family Profile 2s0d08j

The Kingdom of Aether is a land divided into six regions with Five Great Houses and one Capital land. The Great Houses are the most powerful and noble families all over the Kingdom. Immense power and authorities are often exercised by these houses over the vassals of their lands and regions. Allegiance and Pacts have been agreed upon each of the Houses that would serve them to submit only to the rightful king of the throne that governed all of the kingdom; in this case, King Romulus of the House Vitus.

Each Great House has a large number of vassal houses serving it, most of whom in turn have smaller vassals under them, extending all the way down to farmers and landed knights. Each Great House rules over its territory and is responsible for collecting taxes and, in times of war, raising troops to fight for the king. Otherwise they are largely left to operate autonomously to simplify the bureaucracy and governance of the realm.

Kingdom and Family Profile Etb5gn

Kingdom and Family Profile 2n9algg

Region: VIRES
Family Name: VITUS
Family Sigil: Wolf
Religion: Elohim
Banner colors: Orange and Red
Brief History:

House Vitus is the current royal house of Aether, through King Romulus Vitus. Their lands are in the far south of the continent with their seat, Fort Regimus, perched over a huge spur of red brown rocks on the southern part of Vires. House Vitus' sigil is a howling wolf, with regards to the legend of their ancestry whom is believed to have been raised with a pack of wolves. The banner colors are red and orange, in reference to the color and heat of the desert.
The religion of Elohim originated from the wolves, which was adapted by almost half of the kingdom's population. They believe in their god, the sole creator of every living and non-living things and the person who decides a person's faith. Having to join him after death in his palace with great luxury and indulgence is also one of their visions, so long as they announce him their one true god until their last breath.
The finest wine of all Aether is also found in Vires, making it their largest point of profit whereas they cultivate vineyards and orchards. Patterned after this, the family has developed a common lifestyle of excessive pampering but still manages to become an effective bureaucrats with their inborn capabilities of ruling.
Most of the household family features are the tanned skin, auburn eyes and brown hair complimenting the deserts of the south.

Royal Family:

    • Romulus Vitus (lord/king)
    • (Portugal)
    • Antonio Vitus
    • Lovino Vitus
    • Feliciano Vitus (heir)
    • (Seborga)

Main Source of Income: Wines and Ale

Kingdom and Family Profile 2hmd5wp

Region: UNIRE
Family Name: RITTER
Family Sigil: Eagle
Religion: Elohim
Banner colors: Black and Yellow
Brief History:

House Ritter is one of the Great Houses of Aether and is also one of the oldest built. Their region Unire is located on the western part of the kingdom, where Adlerhorst stands. The house symbol is an eagle over the colors black and yellow that represents the darkest of nights and the brightest of mornings.
When Vitus ascended into the throne, House Ritter is one of those who rebelled from being subject to ruling along with House Czar, but was soon reprimanded due to being overpowered and outnumbered when the Northmen complied to a pact leaving the eagles with no other choice left. From then on, the Ritters have developed a sense of isolation from the other houses despite of the close proximity of their lands from each other.
The house was originally founded by Earnweald the Great, one of the most vehement and powerful warriors of all time, which passed down to a generation thread of skilled warriors and combatants. It was believed that Earnweald originated from the Forbitrelse region whom have sailed through the open seas and of which makes the Ritters’ distant correlation with the Vikings. But through time and influence, they have learned to shift their views. An example of this would be their religion, following the patterns from paganism to Elohim along almost half of the kingdom.
House Ritter also control the best military strength over all the houses of the present day.
Their main point of income is livestock, and in accounts for their famous preserved meats all over the land of Aether.

Royal Family:

    • Germania (lord)
    • Gilbert Ritter (heir)
    • Roderich Ritter
    • Ludwig Ritter
    • Vash Ritter
    • (Liechtenstein)

Main Source of Income: livestock

Kingdom and Family Profile 30njktz

Region: FASTUS
Family Name: ATHERTON
Family Sigil: Lion
Religion: Elohim
Banner colors: Crimson and Gold
Brief History:

House Atherton is one of the Great Houses and the richest family of Aether. Their lands are located in the east of the main island, below the Capitol with their seat Carmarthen Castle that overlooks Port Tauton. Their Heraldy is a roaring lion over gold and crimson banner colors that signifies their power and wealth.
The Devon Island is located eastern from the castle, the place wherein heavy mining occurs, where golds and precious gems originate which makes them wealthier than other families. Despite their riches, the Athertons aren’t all wealth alone. Through the time of rein in Fastus, the family has exercised their best on their ruling state, often claiming a spot within the King’s very own counsel.
Periods long ago, they believed in multiple gods and goddesses but was sooner affected by the other region's beliefs that shifted majority of their views from paganism to Elohim - having one sound god and creator.
Athertons are recognized usually by having blond of hair and fair-complexion.

Royal Family:

    • Arthur Atherton (lord)
    • Francis Vitus - Atherton
    • Alfred Atherton
    • Matthew Atheron (heir)

Main Source of Income: gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc.

Kingdom and Family Profile 30be0s5

Region: SILNY
Family Name: CZAR
Family Sigil: Tiger
Religion: Zima
Banner colors: Black and White
Brief History:

From Dvorets Black, House Czar is one of the Great Houses of Aether, occupying and having feudal jurisdiction over Silny, the vastest land located on the north. Their Sigil is a tiger, reflecting the population of the Siberian Tigers residing in the Winter Wood, wearing the banner colors of black over white (iron over snow, referring to the quality iron the region is producing).
Though approving the allegiance to the ruling king, the Czars half-heartedly did so with a pact that other regions would cease to grab opportunity to extend their lands that would cause Silny to blench.  
The house worships Zima, the god of winter that watches over and protects their land.
Silny's greatest generator of income is their mining industry, extracting iron, silver, copper and other metals useful for weaponry and building.
For generations, compound union (consanguineous marriage) has been exercised by the family to preserve the Czar bloodline at its most saturated without any dilution. Which leads to their trademark silver thread like-hair, lilac eyes and pale skin that can withstand the harshest of the cold weather unlike most people.
Hard places breed hard people: reputation of House Czar and its rule is reflected through these words.

Royal Family:

    • Katyusa Czarina
    • Ivan Czar (lord)
    • Natalya Czarina

Main Source of Income: Iron, Alloy, Copper, Titanium, Tungsten

Kingdom and Family Profile 2uiykap

Region: RONGYU
Castle Name: LU CHENG-BAO
Family Name: LIU
Family Sigil: Dragon
Religion: Inari Okami
Banner colors: Green and Silver
Brief History:

One of the Great Houses of Aether is the House Liu of the Rongyu region, located on the most eastern part of the kingdom on a separate island, hailing Lu Cheng-Bao. House Liu's sigil is a dragon, symbolizing fortune and their distinct culture with the banner colors of green and silver-- referring to the massive greens of their island.
Liu has been the oldest house created, generations before the other families ascended to power on the other island of the kingdom. Without any influence and ambitions to be a major player among those who fight for the throne, House Liu succumbed in accords to keep their lands and status unharmed. Being on an isolated island, their culture has grown disparate and conserved from those of the mainland.
They market from agriculture, having mass lands to harness for their usage mostly for granary. For which they worship a Goddess in the name of Inari Okami or Oinary, a nine-tailed fox spirit that dictated their fertility, rice, tea, sake, agriculture, industry, prosperity, the woods and the sun -- one category for each said tail.
Trades and merchandise opened their doors for the House Liu when they accepted the allegiance of Aether giving them more opportunities to cross lands and waters away from the confines of the region.

Royal Family:

    • Yao Liu (lord)
    • Kiku Liu (heir)
    • (South Korea)
    • Mei Liu
    • (Hongkong)

Main Source of Income: Agriculture

Kingdom and Family Profile Mt5t03

Castle Name: Moat Freija
Family Name: N/A
Family Sigil: Kraken
Religion: Norse Mythology
Banner colors: Blue and Grey
Brief History:

The Forbitrelse region is located on the north-west, outside of the kingdom premises. Here resides the Vikings, descendants of Deiter -- older brother of Earnweald the Great, who lived surrounding themselves with open waters under the constant storms of the gray skies. Thus the trademark color of blue and gray. They considered themselves as the sons of Krakens, harnessing their power when sailing the seas and conquering lands.
Aether remained unsuccessful in seizing the region despite of its close proximity. Mainly due to the powerful sea storms that envelops these islands. The Vikings believed it was their gods protecting them from the outsiders, Thor - the lightning and storm god, for one.
To the eyes of the Kingdom, the Krakens are considered barbaric and savages regarding to their wild actions and language. But despite being outnumbered by an entire kingdom, they are thought to be one of the greatest, if not the best, warriors in the area.

Royal Family: Earl/Leader (Denmark)
Main Source of Income: N/A

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional RPG based on the manga/anime "Hetalia: Axis Powers". The medieval theme is heavily inspired by the epic-fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin and the game "Dungeons and Dragons". All rights reserved.
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Kingdom and Family Profile
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