The Land of Aether
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Regarding the forum activity -- yes, Aether-HetaliaRPG still active.
But considering the hiatus of majority of the users, some character activities may have to be on hold.
Still, feel free to join or leave your interactions.

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 Mellow Woods

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PostSubject: Mellow Woods   Mellow Woods Icon_minitimeSun 19 Apr 2015, 21:46

Unire is located on the east of Aether, the residence of the House Ritter with their banner colors of black and yellow and the sigil of an Eagle, symbolizing power and freedom. The region is best known for the quality of their preservation of meat and livestock all throughout the land.

Serving as an extension from the Winter Woods of Silny, the Mellow Woods sits on the most northern part of Unire, below the border that separates the regions. Unlike Winter Woods, Mellow Woods lives up to its name where the snow is melted with its warmer temperature -- able to nurture forest wildlife.
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PostSubject: Re: Mellow Woods   Mellow Woods Icon_minitimeSat 02 May 2015, 10:09

Lili Zwingli

Lili wandered through the forest, the late fall`s day making it chilly. It was a pleasant kind of cool that made her wrap her black and yellow cloak around her tightly, and smile as the gentle breeze caused the scent of pine to fill her nose. She looked around at the trees, stepping carefully on the leaves that covered all of the ground for mile. It was beautiful, filled with reds and oranges and yellows with hints of green here and there, but it felt lonely. She let out a soft sigh, wishing she had someone to share the beauty with.
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Mellow Woods
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