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Regarding the forum activity -- yes, Aether-HetaliaRPG still active.
But considering the hiatus of majority of the users, some character activities may have to be on hold.
Still, feel free to join or leave your interactions.

For further inquiries, please visit the chatzy page for the moderators' accommodation. Thank you!

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PostSubject: RULES AND REGULATIONS   Sun 19 Apr 2015, 12:43


1) Respect other forum members.

2) This is intended to be an R-18 forum.

3) Profanities, sexual content, violence, yaoi, yuri, smut and the likes are allowed.

4) MOST IMPORTANTLY. Please, be active. We may delete characters if they stay inactive for a long time.Two weeks of inactivity, the mods will inbox you. If they do not get any response within the next week, we may have to delete your character.

5.) The mods have the right to discourage members and/or ban characters once these rules are not observed. Mods will have their discussions and will decide fairly on what action to take, to be fair with all parties.


1) No godmodding or powerplaying.

2) Strictly Para-RP. As much as possible, avoid dull one-liners and script-type.

3) Roleplay in third person and past tense.

4) Use proper grammar and spelling, please.

5) Remain in-character at all times. (except in the Out Of Topic-Threads, of course)


1) You are allowed to roleplay one to three characters, so long as you're active.

2) OCs are on hold until all canon slots are taken. No 2P!s or Fem!s.

3) Character background and position (if joining the hierarchy) must remain sensible at all times.

4) There are only three races existing in Aether; Humans, Mermaids, and the Wizards/Witches. If possible, a royal blood must refrain from choosing different races aside the human race to consider equality.

5) Submitted character sheets are heavily examined from what position they should partake within the confines of the kingdom, therefore it must regard to number 4 as listed above.

6) There are certain limits pertaining to Wizards/Witches' powers. For an example, no spells are possible in killing a character and such likes. The Mods will have the power possible to step in and have the final say to the actions in relations to powerplaying.

* Please post if you cannot be online for a specific amount of time so that the forum will be informed. That way, we know that you have a reason for your inactivity.

*Rules may be subject to change, depending on which course is the most likely to appeal.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional RPG based on the manga/anime "Hetalia: Axis Powers". The medieval theme is heavily inspired by the epic-fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin and the game "Dungeons and Dragons".
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