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Regarding the forum activity -- yes, Aether-HetaliaRPG still active.
But considering the hiatus of majority of the users, some character activities may have to be on hold.
Still, feel free to join or leave your interactions.

For further inquiries, please visit the chatzy page for the moderators' accommodation. Thank you!

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 Town Square

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PostSubject: Town Square   Sun 19 Apr 2015, 18:52

The Capitol is the heart of the Aether Kingdom. The place wherein the current king/queen is resided with his/her councilmen, under the roof of the King's Castle. Other establishments of the land are Markets, Taverns, Treasury, Tourney Arena, etc.

The Town Square is located before the King's Castle, that serves as one of the landmark of the Capitol.
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PostSubject: Re: Town Square   Sat 06 Jun 2015, 01:18

Lovino Vitus

The town square was a place busy, lively and grand in the day especially, but with the grand ball held at the castle, it was empty and quiet tonight. Just right for Lovino at the moment; he needed some time out.

Somehow, he was relieved to have seen his family once more. But with how things ended up, he partly regretted going to the ball.

"Why would I think of you as a failure?"

'Why would you not, Romulus? If you knew the truth...' The Vitus thought, walking slowly, dazed. The short journey from the palace to the square he spent on letting his tears out once more after that last response from the king. If he knew that by being useful outside the castle was an occupation as a pickpocket, Lovino was sure his old man would be very disappointed.

He took his place at the edge of the fountain, burying his face in his hands between his knees. In the quietness of the square, Lovino's frustrated wails broke the silence.
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Town Square
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