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Regarding the forum activity -- yes, Aether-HetaliaRPG still active.
But considering the hiatus of majority of the users, some character activities may have to be on hold.
Still, feel free to join or leave your interactions.

For further inquiries, please visit the chatzy page for the moderators' accommodation. Thank you!

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 King's Castle

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PostSubject: Re: King's Castle   Sat 31 Oct 2015, 23:08

So much love

"Something's... off, though." He frowned, remembering clearly what that night looked like as if it was only yesterday. The silvery glow of the moonlight made it sparkle so much in the back of his memories.

"I'm not saying it could happen now... but," Romulus found the right words to say without sounding so ridiculous. Although, he already expected Ulrich to think so. And yet, how could he disregard his intuition?
The king sighed, eagerly watching the people in the ball to divert himself. "Am I losing my sanity?" He muttered as a rhetorical question to himself, not expecting his hand for an answer.
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TribalBeast [Germy]


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PostSubject: Re: King's Castle   Sat 31 Oct 2015, 23:29

Lord of Eagles

Yes, Ulrich had a pretty clear idea that Romulus' last question was rhetorical and was not meant for anyone aside from the king himself. However, if the lord of Adlerhorst was good in anything that did not involve politics or wielding a blade, it was answering rhetorical questions. Mostly to annoy people (who were in most cases equally annoying to him), but this time he just felt the need to answer to his king.

"My king, I will be completely honest with you. The words that you said in the last few minutes did not make any sense," he replied, returning back to his 'professional' self, "but I believe that it takes more than just a few moments to lose your sanity."

The people never have the power... Only an illusion of it.
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King's Castle
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