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Regarding the forum activity -- yes, Aether-HetaliaRPG still active.
But considering the hiatus of majority of the users, some character activities may have to be on hold.
Still, feel free to join or leave your interactions.

For further inquiries, please visit the chatzy page for the moderators' accommodation. Thank you!

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 Serpentine Bay

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PostSubject: Serpentine Bay   Sun 19 Apr 2015, 14:38

The largest island, and the second largest region of the Kingdom is the Rongyu. Located on the far eastern section and secluded from the main island, Rongyu serves as the home of the Liu dynasty. Known for its riches in agriculture, the land is fertile in greens from forests to farm lands. The family's Sigil is a dragon, symbolizing fortune and their culture with the banner colors of green and silver.

The eastern water parts of Rongyu is called the Serpentine Bay, connected by the Lan Se Shui river to its furthest western waters.
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PostSubject: Re: Serpentine Bay   Fri 08 May 2015, 23:59

Leon absentmindedly skipped rocks over the glassy surface of the water, his cloak discarded off to one side. Usually when he sneaked out he'd go to the local markets to socialize, but today he hadn't felt like mingling in the bustling crowds, and thus elected to go to the bay, where he was alone with his thoughts. Though being alone had its downsides, for he was now bored out of his mind.

Suddenly, he heard a noise from somewhere. "Who's there?" He shouted, surveying the area while reaching for his cloak. He really regretted not paying attention when he was forced to take fighting classes; though in his defense, the teacher was boring. "Show yourself!"
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Serpentine Bay
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